About Lisien beauty salon

Salon LISIEN was founded in 2005 by its owner Markéta Lisická. The first clients visited our salon in Brušperk. In 2006, we opened a new branch in Frýdek-Mistek. You can find us in both our salons.

The owner of the salon believes her work is a mission. She passes on her ideas and philosophy to her employees and colleagues, so that they do their best when taking care of the customers. She puts emphasis on teamwork and flexible solutions.

She also develops her vision in another project Unbridled woman .

The idea of the salon is to emphasize your individuality, to give you professional advice on how to choose the right hair cut, how to care for your skin, hands, hair, body and how to maintain perfect image, choosing the appropriate clothing and accessories.

We put a great emphasis on continuous training and monitoring current fashion trends. Salon organizes educational events for groups or working groups, including lectures and seminars that can be adjusted to your needs.

It is possible that you just want to indulge yourself and find inspiration or buy a present for your beloved and relatives. In our salons we offer many services and products, consulting services, wellness days and a wide range of gift vouchers.

We hope you will feel comfortable and beautiful in our salon!!

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